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Common Business Advertising Mistakes 0

Posted on August 26, 2014 by admin

You’ve probably heard the famous saying “I know that half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted: if only I could figure out which half it is! Well, now you can. By eliminating the common mistakes many businesses make with their advertising programs, it’s easy.

Here’s a checklist of mistakes many companies make with their advertising:

1) Not focusing enough time and effort on their advertising

Most business owners spend far more time and effort on mundane things that don’t really affect their bottom line than on advertising. This is the first huge mistake. Without effective advertising, almost all businesses will fail.

If you feel you don’t have the time or desire to handle the advertising for your business, consider hiring a consultant or agency – but with caution. It’s almost more difficult to find an ad agency that knows what is effective than it is to study it yourself. Many agencies are far more focused on winning awards than creating profits for their clients.

If you do feel you need to hire an agency, find one that will work on a results compensation basis vs. a straight commission for all the media they buy. This gives them an incentive to provide results and not pad the budget to justify a larger commission for the agency.

2) Relying on advice from friends and relatives

If business owners do handle their own advertising, many times they let their friends/wives/husbands or other various employees who have no idea whether or not advertising is effective make the decisions about their advertising plan.

Would you ask your dentist for advice about fixing your car engine? Of course not – that’s not their expertise. So why in the world would you base something as important as decisions about your advertising on a relative who has no idea what he’s talking about?

3) Being led by pushy or aggressive media sales people

The reason media companies pay their sales people big bucks is because they can influence you to buy space, air or time (in the newspaper, radio or television) and give you no guarantees if it doesn’t work. Sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it? Your customers probably wouldn’t buy from you and not expect the product or service to perform the way it should. But ad sales reps do it all the time.

Now sometimes they really mean well, and they have lots of experience and some fluke event or problem comes up. But for the most part, ad sales reps will do virtually anything they can do to get the sale.

If you feel like you’re being bullied by an ad sales rep or that they really aren’t looking out for your best interest, but really feel you want to work with that station/newspaper, etc., then ask for a new rep. They want your business and you’re the one calling the shots, so if they want your business, they need to find someone you’re comfortable working with.

4) Allowing your creative delivery to be ineffective

You can buy the best media schedule in the world that reaches 100% of your market 100 times, but if your message is not well created, it won’t bring you the results you want. Most companies rely on either their ad agency or the media company themselves create the ads for them. This is a very difficult thing because most companies acting on your behalf don’t take the time to learn about your business, your customers and what makes you different in your market.

Free Advertising To Bring More Traffic To You 0

Posted on August 24, 2014 by admin

The internet has revolutionized the way that people communicate. Things that used to be difficult to accomplish, such as finding a job, searching for goods, or looking for a specific service, can be done in a matter of minutes, by utilizing the internet as your search tool. Free advertising makes it easy to advertise different options to the public.

This form of advertising is extremely beneficial to business personnel and consumers. The good thing about using this method to market is there are no risk associated with it. You will never lose anything, which makes the returns ten times better than if you were using paid campaigns.

There are a lot of small business owners that choose to market their businesses through this medium. This way, they do not have to worry about losing any money, while their businesses are still growing. However, they can easily use this form of marketing to get their business in front of the right people at the right time.

When an individual decides to post ads for their business in this manner, they are opening up the possibility to become better acquainted with the public. They are putting their business name out there, so people know that your business exists. Through this form of marketing, you will be able to share and connect with people that are looking for the type of service that you offer.

Despite all of the benefits that go along with engaging in this marketing form, there are a lot of skeptics that do not believe in the power of marketing through free methods. Many business personnel have been taught that the only way to make money in a business is to spend money. However, this is not true.

Marketing in this method can work, if you know where to post. This is one of the hardest things for new business people to determine. There are a lot of different places on the internet, where you can post. However, determining the best places to post can be daunting.

To ensure the success of your free advertising campaign, you need to research your market. Try to identify where the majority of the niche market that your product services is going to online. For example, many people check out social media websites. A great way to promote your business without paying anything is to use these sites to your advantage. There are many ways to get your company name in front of the right people, you just need to have a game plan and a follow through.

Distribute Business Cards At The Right Opportune Moments 0

Posted on August 23, 2014 by admin

If you are starting up a new business, you will need to print business cards and other stationary items such as letterheads, envelopes and flyers. Take advantage of the huge industry that is now available online though you should take time to select a reliable and reputed online printing firm. It is important to read the reviews and be assured of the online printing firm before placing your valued order. Many printing firms may offer low prices but may not deliver the amount of cards that you order or the quality that you expect.

Since the first impression is generally the best, it is important to ensure that you project the right image when you hand over cards to prospective clients. Decide on whether you prefer the matte or glossy look as these cards look impressive as against the standard business cards. Look at the various types of special inks and finishes available and introduce a photographic image as a logo to depict the product or service. If you use metallic ink it will stand out impressively to highlight the logo or design. It is possible to coat an area of the card with spot UV coating as this will make a striking contrast when you use a matte finish for the rest of the area. Check the weight of the cards that you wish to order and remember that 14 and 16 point stock are definitely not as flimsy as 10 and 12 point stocks. The next criterion is to concentrate on the layout of the card. Give relevant details and try not to clutter the card with unnecessary information.

In an endeavor to save money, many people try to print their own cards. Some people may also resort to spreading the word when they start up a business. However these are not good marketing strategies to follow especially as they are many opportunities available online to print cheap business cards at very low prices. An important feature of marketing campaigns starts with printing of advertising materials. A business man will soon realize the value of using these insignificant cards when they see the results.

Before any major event or meeting, spend some time to decide whether your product or service will make an impact on the customers who will be attending the event. Spend some valuable time online to plan your marketing strategy. Use the free designer templates and tools available with most of the reputed online printing firms and plan the finish and style of your card. Provide the pertinent details and most importantly, your contact details. Talk to the people that attend the event and if you find that they show even the slightest interest in your product, hand them a card as this will make a good impression. You will not project your business in a good light if you scribble details on a piece of paper or write the contact details on one of the flyers. You will not feel the pinch when you distribute these cheap business cards that you have ordered from a reliable printing firm at a throw away price.

Bad credit Business Loans & Banks !!! Think Twice 0

Posted on August 22, 2014 by admin

Any business, either new or established may require additional capital and that too at very crucial times. The entrepreneur will be in a great hurry/urgency to obtain Business loan from any source available in the market. He/she is likely to get a blank chit from most of the banks and they are always not ready to lend money as Bad Credit Business Loan . This is the common practice, studied in different researches over cash flow and business loan domain; For any upcoming businessmen it is a real challenging situation, which creates a lot of worries and tensions, especially when the money is urgently require and it is not available on immediate basis.

In case, you have an established enterprise and you require Bad Credit Business Loan , the banks will still level high the costs of sanctioning, nearly up to 20-30%. They will ask for guarantees in shape of collateral before they provide you some money. Moreover the bank loans also require a heavy load of paper work. The time to get the amount sanctioned will remain at the discretion of the bank; your urgency for the cash will not play be in role as far as the bank is concerned. In most of the cases this cause a definite frustration at your end.

Bad Credit Business Loan obtained from the banks are based on high interest rates and are paid back on fixed amount criteria. Beside the different business related concerns, these monthly fix amount to be paid back (each month or after an agreed period time) remains a headache and continuous worry for the entrepreneur.

It is a fact that when you ask for a Business Loan from any financial institution you will be paying back more than what you will pay back in case the Business Loan from the bank.

Reports shows that the the request of urgent business load from a bank usually take longer then its urgency. In such short period the bank will still be processing your papers. The amount of Business Loan required by you will probably be sanctioned in full by the financial institutions, where as the bank will never sanction the applied amount in full.

The major advantage you have when obtaining Bad Credit Business Loan from any good financial institution, it is involves a simple and quick procedure. Cash will be in your hands within a maximum period of 10 days; a facility one cannot imagine when dealing with a bank.

Advertising For Investors How To Capture An Investors Attention 0

Posted on August 22, 2014 by admin

When you’re advertising to investors, you’ll use many of the same strategies you would use for traditional real estate advertising. However, there’s one key difference. With investor advertising, you’ll want the investors to know they are getting a special deal and really getting the best price out there.

1.Focus on the Deal. You want your investor to know they are getting a really great deal on this property. Your wording should be all about getting the deal. Use language like, “Buying at 70% of market value.” This is the kind of language that attracts the serious investor.

2.Use targeted phrases. Targeted phrases are especially important to increase web traffic. Along with your targeted phrases, you’ll use things like, “fixer-upper,” “deal,” “TLC,” “Rehab,” “Renovation,” “Sweat Equity.” Your main focus is to appeal to that investor.

3.Look what others are searching for. You’ll want your targeted phrases and investor advertising strategies to be similar to what people are already searching for. What is most popular in a Google search is also what you want to be using. This will ensure that investors come to your website. If you go to Google Adwords and type in keywords (such as, fixer-uppers, your town) you’ll end up on a page where you can see how many people are searching for that exact phrase. You can see monthly details, which can be a valuable resource for keeping your advertising fresh. This tool will also who you how many other website are coming up with similar results.

4.Meet with people in person. Technology is a wonderful thing, but once you’ve found a serious investor, who has responded to your investor advertising, you’ll want to meet with them in person. Do this at the courthouse or an auction.

Investor advertising is very similar to traditional advertising. With just a few simple changes, you’ll be able to contact investors who are interested in new properties.

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